About Kelly

Kelly Pollard Cell Phone (208)794-5719
1429 Edward Street E-mail: kelly@kellypollard.com
Mountain Home, ID 83647  



I am:

the proud mother of 3 children, two girls and a boy, ages 13 -17.

18 year wife of a Navy man.

very good at learning new software and systems

a web designer including navigation, original images / artwork, and layout

a web developer including Flash, ASP, Cold Fusion, JavaScripts, Forms with Perl, XML and I'm always pushing the technology to do something new.

a nationally contracted instructor of adult education specializing in Web design/development, graphics production and Microsoft networking technologies

a Certified Internet Webmaster and Trainer, Microsoft Certified Professional Plus Internet, System Engineer, and Trainer

a whiz-bang Flash animator specializing in navigational systems and complex animation and sound.

an avid music listener, trumpet player and vocal performer


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